Tuesday, April 27, 2010

every child is an artist. the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. ~picasso

i have become obsessed with art!

museums, sculptures, poems, statues, people dancing/singing, photos...all kinds of art. looking back i really wish i would have taken more classes in art! i am the only person i know that actually really enjoyed art history...hard as hell but i loved the class and all i learned!

since it is WAY too late to start now, i live vicariously through one of my best friends. pamela peterson. she has a great talent and eye for the arts. not only is she an art teacher she is still taking classes to better her talent.

below are some of my obsessions that i want to steal from her house, classroom or whatever gallery they are hanging in!






Sunday, April 18, 2010

senator schumer don't let me down....

i travel.
a lot.

be it for work, family, vacation time i am in the air at least once a month if not more. i also travel very light. after years of waiting in check in lines, missing flights, dealing with rude airport employees i have learned to travel light. i don't want to deal with these people or situations. i pack the very minimal so i can always carry on. this is very important to me.

i also don't have to deal with the unbelievable fees for checking a bag...beating the system, or so i thought.

Spirit Airlines has the audacity to start charging up to $45 for carry on luggage. bags that you can't fit under your seat. as i said, i travel light but when i mean light i mean only 5 pairs of shoes...there are so many more i could bring! i can't fit 5 pairs of shoes in a bag that will fit under my seat.

for now lets hope AA sticks to their word....


Friday, April 16, 2010

SpRiNg FeVeR!!

my three favorite things books, music and...SHOES!!!

these three things are also essential for everyone when spring is here. a book to read in the park, music to listen to outside under the sun and shoes to...well who doesn't need new shoes?! my shoes came in the mail today (!!!)...

debating the yellow ones too, but after they got the reference of "ankle braces" i decided one pair is enough... however, i do believe everyone needs at least A pair.... MOLLY WEDGES by 80%20

i know this has been out for a bit but I want to start Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals. i love his writing but i really hope this books doesn't turn me vegan. also not sure if this is "sunny day in the park" reading material. he has always been a love-hate author for me so i can't wait to see how torn i get with this book...i love my filet mignon oh so much...

LAST but my favorite, so not least.... LOCAL NATIVES....love them. relatively new band. Seeing them in Dallas next Thursday (tickets are $10)!
My favorite song - Airplanes

CORRECTION - WORLD NEWS...that is my favorite..

check out their myspace too... http://www.myspace.com/localnatives

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

song of the day...or month!

love this girl. not only does she look like one of my friends (emily pirtle = just go with it emily, she does) she sings her heart out in every song i've heard, makes me dance around like a looney toon and buy lots of floral prints!!

listen to "the dog days are over" but this is my FaVoRiTe today....

Florence and The Machine

Monday, April 12, 2010

"I am back in Old Texas, under a high sky, where all things are again possible and the wind blows free..."

he said it right...the past few weeks have flown by but i already feel at home here and that anything is possible. i haven't taken out the 35 mm in a while so with the 79 degree weather, beautiful blue skies and my two favorite brothers in town what a better opportunity!

i was not expecting dallas to be such an ideal canvas for me. while walking lower greenville i realized art surrounding me, a music scene i didn't realize existed in the deep south and a grown person walking around in a white furry suit pouring out bottomless mimosas.... well it was easter, but still.

here is what i found...