Wednesday, July 3, 2013

keep portland weird

 summer 2013 vacation!!! 
first half of the week was in Portland, OR and i loved it. 
the town was a lot like austin. . . wonder who coined "keep _____ weird" first. 
sure fitting for both.

 awesome view while landing in portland 
mt. peaks above the clouds 

 breakfast of champions

i call this one.....'i have a pea in my pod'

 talk about team spirit

 unreal. about 30 minutes out of town and you have this. . .

did you just say hello? 
no i said ello, but thats close enough.

vista house

the inside was all marble

i got to visit the office of Wieden+Kennedy; where Nike, Old Spice, Levi's (to name a few) get their creative from. it was ridiculously cool to say the least.
basketball court? check. cotton candy machine? check. beer fridge? goes on.
the above are some awards won by the company and to not seem pretentious the creative director spray painted them all. love.

all push pins. must have taken a while.

the end. 
off to seattle via train. . . 

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