Monday, July 8, 2013

seattle - the emerald city

Group Trip to visit a friend in Seatlle, WA. 
Vacation 2013!!

Train ride to Seattle 

The Original 
If floors could talk 

 I imagine this man has some great stories.

Matt's in the Market 

Gum Love
She's so happy, there were cartwheels involved.

Playing with the kiddos 
Quite the supply store

I have always know that at last I would take this road. 
But yesterday I did not know it would be today. 

A little rain never hurt anybody
Dancing in the Streets
Highlight of the trip; 
Daniel proposed to Pamela 2-3 times at bars/restaurants. People cheered. We laughed. Amazing.
Space Needle (and Seattle Greys?) 
Brushing teeth in the park, like some locals
Hiking Discovery Park 

Pugent Sound

I love this so much.....The Herkie Jump

West Point Lighthouse

Barbie Wigs
Girls and Gossip

The Last Supper . . . 

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