Monday, April 12, 2010

"I am back in Old Texas, under a high sky, where all things are again possible and the wind blows free..."

he said it right...the past few weeks have flown by but i already feel at home here and that anything is possible. i haven't taken out the 35 mm in a while so with the 79 degree weather, beautiful blue skies and my two favorite brothers in town what a better opportunity!

i was not expecting dallas to be such an ideal canvas for me. while walking lower greenville i realized art surrounding me, a music scene i didn't realize existed in the deep south and a grown person walking around in a white furry suit pouring out bottomless mimosas.... well it was easter, but still.

here is what i found...

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  1. larry l. king and the larry king i was thinking of...two TOTALLY different people. apologies for getting them confused!