Sunday, April 18, 2010

senator schumer don't let me down....

i travel.
a lot.

be it for work, family, vacation time i am in the air at least once a month if not more. i also travel very light. after years of waiting in check in lines, missing flights, dealing with rude airport employees i have learned to travel light. i don't want to deal with these people or situations. i pack the very minimal so i can always carry on. this is very important to me.

i also don't have to deal with the unbelievable fees for checking a bag...beating the system, or so i thought.

Spirit Airlines has the audacity to start charging up to $45 for carry on luggage. bags that you can't fit under your seat. as i said, i travel light but when i mean light i mean only 5 pairs of shoes...there are so many more i could bring! i can't fit 5 pairs of shoes in a bag that will fit under my seat.

for now lets hope AA sticks to their word....

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